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2860 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 500. 
Duluth, GA 30097.
Call us on 404 513 1738 and 770 476 7710

Business Hours:
Mon – Sat:

6 am to 8 pm,
by appointment and
walk – ins
(If it is possible to fit
you in that day).

By appointment only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.           Where are you located?

A.            2860 Peachtree Industrial Blvd; Suite 500, Duluth GA 30097. Telephone Numbers: 770 476 7710 and 404 503 1738

Q.           Do you take walk – ins?

A.            Yes, if we have no appointment. We do prefer a 24 hour advance notice to best serve you.

Q.           How long can I keep my braids in?

A.            While we say that your braids will last anything between 3 -8 weeks, it largely depends on how well you take care of your hair. Cornrows should normally last for 4 – 6 weeks; the individuals should last 6 – 8 weeks. If you want to keep it longer it is advisable that you re-touch the edges of your hair to prevent breakage.

Q.           Do I need to bring my hair?

A.            The service includes the hair; but the choice is yours.

Q.           What is Senegalese Twist?

A.            It is two – strand twist and suited for all types of hair (natural and chemically processed hair)

Q.          What are Invisible braids?

A.            It is micros, braided 1 inch-in, and gives the illusion of a weave (not suited for natural hair over 1 and half inch in length).

Q.         Will I have the big knot when I have my hair Cornrowed?

A.           No, we do the no-knot cornrows or the Ghana Braids to give a natural look while using extensions.

Q.           Can you take my braids out for me?

A.            Yes, for a standard fee.

Q.           Can you wash my hair before I braid it?

A.            We recommend that you wash and condition your hair before your scheduled appointment.

Q.           Do you cut and style the weave?

A.            We will put in the tracks but we do not cut or style, hence the price.

Q.           How long will it take my chemically processed hair to go natural?

A.            It takes between 6 to 12 months depending on how quickly your hair grows and if you are taking good care of your hair.

Q.           Do I have to stay with my child while she is getting her hair done?

A.            No, we would rather you were not there as kids behave better when their parents are not around. If you want to stay though, you are welcome to do so.

Q.           What is the youngest age a child a can be to get her hair braided?

A.            We take children from age 3 years and older.

Q.           Do you take credit cards?

A.            No, we do not have that facility to do so presently.

Q.           Do you do refunds?

A.            Due to the nature of the service, we are not able to issue refunds for services rendered. However, we are committed to providing excellent customer service every time.