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Braid Care Tips

How to Care for Braids At Exquisite Braids, we believe that your hair should be constantly moist. The atmosphere dries the hair up so it is necessary that you put moisture back into your hair. Upon getting your hair braided you should select your favorite braid sprays. Spray a decent amount of the conditioner into your hair TWICE a week.  This should help new growth and keep your hair healthy. Always wear a scarf to bed! No option about that. Please ALWAYS tie your hair down with a silk, satin, or nylon scarf.  NEVER COTTON!   The cotton fabric damages the hair that sticks out of your braids and pulls on the extensions. Dry and Wet Shampoo We strongly recommend the dry shampoo alternative for longer lasting braids. Wet any cleansing astringent (Sea Breeze or Witch hazel) with a make-up cotton pad. Cleanse your scalp thoroughly. Apply your favorite braid spray or tea-tree oil to scalp. Depending on the hair style we recommend that you only your wash your braids when it is extremely necessary. Washing your hair with braids should not be a big task.  Although you are now washing both your natural hair and the extension hair, you basically just do it in a gentle manner without extracting your hair out of the extension! Simply apply your 2 in 1 shampoo and condition on the palm of your hands and evenly distribute through your hair. Stand under the shower and rinse. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and air dry.  For thinner or finer textures, you should be extremely gentle when washing your hair. The Itch and Scratching Attack! Whether you use the palm of your hand to beat your head or you are one that scratches, when you itch, it is probably time to give your hair a wash (Dry Shampoo)! If you have dry scalp, moisture is the key word. Excessive itch damages your hair, speak to your braider. How to Take Down Your Braids Do not try to remove your braids by yourself! Ask a friend or your braider can take it off for you. Experience has shown that we either underestimate the growth of our hair or pull at the follicles which damage the hair. Ask for help, there is no easy way to take braids off. If you do decide to do it yourself use the right  tool; a fine tooth comb, a toothpick etc…  then gently comb your hair out with a big comb and wash If you have been keeping your hair moisturized the entire time it was in braids, your take down will be substantially easier. Exquisite Braids caters to you. We want you to feel beautiful because you are beautiful.  When you remove the braids, your natural hair will not be a disappointment because it will be growing beautifully while braided. Braids are not meant to be kept in longer three months.